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About Blackwave

The Start
Blackwave Ltd is a small software development and IT services company based in Cambridge, England. The company was started in July 2005. Initially Blackwave concentrated on developing Pocket PC applications. As the company has matured it has moved into other products and services.

Consulting Services
Blackwave Consulting Services provides clients with top quality IT services including development, architecture and management. Blackwave's clients include:

  • Accenture
  • Fidelity National Financial
  • Merrill Lynch
  • The Government of the Kingdom of Norway
  • Vodafone
  • WPP

Products & Services
Blackwave own and operates a small portfolio of applications and services.

Voyage Manager
Voyage Manager is a travel management, travel monitoring and travel security tool that makes travel safer. Voyage Manager uses a combination of web, mobile and SMS technologies to manage and monitor travel. It monitors the progress of trips, notifying key people about the progress and status of the employee.

Travel Management Technology
Travel Management Technology is an information service, providing up to date information about travel technologies, how they can help, issues to consider and much more. Travel Management Technology is closely tied Voyage Manager.

Dive Assistant
Dive Assistant is a suite of applications and services for the scuba diving market. The flagship product is Dive Assistant, a tool for logging, planning, profiling and managing dives, dive kit and dive tables. The products are developed for the Windows, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC platforms. also has a dive site finder, which is an extensive database of dive locations.

ShoutSafe is a travel and disaster communication service. The service allows users to communicate with friends, family and loved ones while travelling or in the case of major events or disasters. ShoutSafe also incorporates a diary and itinerarys to allow friends and family to follow the users' travels.